Europe Calling: Live DMA Newsletter

Avevamo già scritto a proposito dell'ingresso l’ingresso ufficiale di KeepOn nel Live DMA, il circuito internazionale che ha come obiettivo il sostegno di network europei con progetti e con promozione di iniziative culturali legate al mondo della musica dal vivo.

L'autunno è un periodo particolarmente ricco di iniziative promosse proprio dal circuito europeo: seminari, festival, concerti e un Open Club Day. La newsletter autunnale presenta tutti gli appuntamenti imperdibili per chi si occupa di musica dal vivo!

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Autumn is a busy season for Live DMA. After a one week seminar in Cesis (Latvia) on international cooperation, Live DMA headed straight to the Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg (Germany) to present its European cooperation project Live Style Europe.

Speaking of Live Style Europe... At the end of this year, two working groups will take place and the first European edition of the Open Club Day will be launched! Exciting times to be alive! Live DMA network is full of great initiatives, whether they come from Live DMA's members or from other associations that gravitate around the network.

If this short introduction got your interest, then check out the rest of this seasonal newsletter, there is loads of interesting information waiting for you. 

Enjoy your read!

WORKSHOP: International cooperation & networking

From the 4th to 8th September, Live DMA was organizing together with the European Music Council and the Latvian National Music Council the second key activity of the ERASMUS+ project STAMP (Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals) in Cesis, Latvia. The workshop was all about international cooperation & networking. We had the chance to be in a pleasant working environment, to host excellent speakers and to work with highly motivated participants.

Live DMA directly contributed with two expert interventions: Our coordinator Audrey introduced the importance of data collection as a powerful tool in international cooperation projects. Live DMA’s co-president Isabelle von Walterskirchen presented Petzi’s activities and success story in order to give an example of a multilayer cooperation project.

Inspired by the techniques and methods of the seminar, Live DMA is now working on the construction of a perennial methodology for setting up cooperation and network structures in countries that might be interested in developing the structuration of the music sector.

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Live DMA was at this year’s edition of Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg (DE) and participated at two panels in order to present the Live Style Europe project and to expose the European Agenda for Music. Reeperbahn was again an excellent opportunity to meet our European partners and brainstorm about the future programme dedicated to the music sector, Music Moves Europe.

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Live Style Europe is a European cooperation project to empower live music professionals, improve the sector's overall conditions, promote its values and create connections all over Europe. Live Style Europe is supported by the European Commission via the Creative Europe program.


The value of music venues to local authorities - Berlin.

Live DMA organizes a LSE working group from the 8th to the 10th of November 2017 besides the Stadt nach Acht event in Berlin.
The working group will be dedicated to the topic “The value of music venues to local authorities”. Venues directors, programmers and chair(wo)men from Live DM’s members organizations will come together and discuss issues like the impact of urban development and gentrification on music venues, neighborhood relations, improving relations between venues and local policy makers, etc. Participants are encouraged to share best practices with each other and to seek further inatspiration from other experts present at the Stadt nach Acht event. Live DMA also partnered up with LIKE - European cities and regions for culture who hold their General Assembly at the same time in Berlin. LSE working group participants will get the chance to exchange with LIKE members on the topic of the value of music venues to local authorities. 

Audience development - Rennes.

This LSE working group gathers Live DMA’s expert members around the topic of "New formats of concerts to involve more (young and diverse) audience in the venues". It will take place in Rennes (France) from the 6th to the 8th of December besides the Transmusicales festival.

From new audience uses to new concert formats, working group participants will brainstorm on how to involve more people in the venues activities. Participants will share their analyses and points of views about the evolutions of the relationship to live music with sociologists and other actors of the music chain (artists, managers, producers,...) The objective is to exchange analyses and define experimental project ideas.

OPEN CLUB DAY - 1st European edition

Live DMA is proud to present the first European edition of the Open Club Day. Live music venues all over Europe open their doors on the same day and invite people backstage to discover what is going on behind the scenes of a live music venue.

The Open Club Day… 
Concerts and live music acts are a huge part of the European culture as they take place in essential cultural and social sites where people can meet and exchange. On February 3, 2018, live music venues all over Europe open their doors to an audience that might not be familiar with the live music activities. They introduce their visitors to the work accomplished during the daytime necessary for a concert at night.

…encourages dialogue 
The Open Club Day aims to raise awareness about the reality of the daily work in a live music venue among its neighbors, local cultural players, authorities, and policy makers. By highlighting daily activities of music venues, the Open Club Day offers the right circumstances for a constructive exchange than can help to clear up negative stereotypes that are so often cultivated about live music venues and nightlife.

…raises awareness about the importance of live music in Europe 
Live music venues and clubs are continuously facing challenges related to the evolutions of audience practices, music aesthetics, new technologies, cities & regional development, regulation, economic models… In this context, the grassroots venues are the most fragile, yet vital for talent development, music diversity and expression. Still, they manage to adapt with innovating DIY forms and social economy models. 

The Open Club Day intends to highlight the importance of live music venues and clubs all over Europe. By joining forces, cooperation projects like the Open Club Day can create positive repercussions on a national and local level for the live music sector and have a real impact on the recognition of music venues being significant contributors to culture.


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The event-concept was created by SBCK (Swiss non-governmental commissions for bars and clubs) and PETZI (Swiss non-governmental federation of live music venues and festivals) in Switzerland and has been conducted on a national level since 2015 with great success. The European edition of the Open Club Day is supported by the European Commission via the Creative Europe program. Live DMA and its members coordinate the Open Club Day.


>> "Public Engagement in the Arts" 
The report was prepared within the scope of cultural policy studies of İKSV in Istanbul (Turkey) and conducted under a separate directorate since 2010.

With the aim of introducing policy approaches that strengthen public engagement in the arts, the report takes a step forward and offers suggestions in facilitating active participation of the audience in cultural and artistic events by means of bridging the distance between the audience and arts institutions, deepening the audience experience and diversifying the audience profile.

>> The Creative Footprint

The Creative Footprint is a non-profit initiative that measures and indexes urban creative space.

“As the urban landscape changes, the protection of creative space and artistic freedom through civic engagement has become crucial.” This is the statement of Lutz Leichsenring, Creative Footprint founder and Berlin Clubcommission spokesperson, who developed the 15 criteria of the index of creative space. The first index analysis focused on the music scenes in Berlin. More information about the mythology of the Creative Footprint and the first results are available on www.creative-footprint.org.

>> Enter the Void - Appropriating Urban Spaces To Underground Youth Culture

From 2016-2017, the ERASMUS+ project between the four European capital cities of Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam and Riga invited international experts from the fields of youth, (sub-)culture, and city making to investigate the role of music and free spaces for young people in their self-organized cultural, social and political participation.

The project aims to set up a dialogue between young people and decision makers and to facilitate the access of young actors of music-related underground culture to urban space. After two years of exchanging best practices and setting up workshops, the project is now in its final phase of setting up a toolbox for scene communities and policy-makers alike. You can follow the latest news and the next steps of Entre the Void on their facebook page

>> Asociacion MIM

The Spanish association of women of the music industry Asociacion MIM celebrates its first birthday with a clear objective: to move towards its own dissolution. MIM fights for equality for women in the music industry, for equal opportunities of professional growth, for female role models, for the same access to informal social networks and contacts, etc. The list is long. To combat this reality, MIM has established a methodology that begins with observing and collecting data on the participation and situation of women in industry, understanding where biases and failures are in order to review policies and customs within the sector and establish from there a series of objectives and actions.

In one year, MIM has gathered already 160 members (with 13 men among them), they are in contact with the Ministry of Culture and the Institute of Women, they spoke at several big festivals such as the Primavera Pro festival, and they have launched their website and created the set up for their database. You can follow MIM’s activities on theirfacebook page or website.


Norske Konsertarrangører created a concert promoters toolbox with a collection of useful information covering most of the phases of the concert promoter's world (Safety, Economy, Sponsorship, Production, Artist handeling and booking, PR, Application and Grants) in order to facilitate organizing concerts. The best of it, the toolbox is available in Norwegian and English. The toolbox is available on NKA's website


The French-Belgium Interreg project DEMO (Durability and Ecology in the Music sector and for its Operators) aims to create transnational synergies between culture and sustainable development. The project has been running for a couple of months now and during the summer, the first big activities have been conducted. The Belgium Dour festival managed with great success to raise consciousness about their impact on the environment by opening a Green Camping and a Zero Waste lab. You can find all the different activities of the Interreg project on the DEMO website.